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Start your online business even with $ 10. The accumulative system of the platform will quickly achieve significant financial results. Many ways of income - choose what you like!

Investment portfolio

Using our products, you create an investment portfolio with a yield of up to 120% for year, which takes into account diversification and risks. The founder of this strategy is Harry Markowitz.

Passive income

You can independently manage your capital using the tools available on the platform, but if you want to save your time, you can invest your money in the project index and receive income up to 10% a month.


On the "Ns Technology" platform, quality products will be regularly added, of which you can learn about in the products section!





The project was implemented by a team of professionals, which
fully conducts the project in the areas of investment,
trading and mass-following tools.

We keep up the most effective principle, the formation of capital according to the strategy of the "sophisticated investor", from the famous financier Harry Markowitz. The largest international funds and banks use his own strategies!
And only within the framework of our platform did this strategy become available for every user with minimal investment!

Each investment tool or recommendation passes
a whole series of tests before entering at the platform!

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All products on the Ns Technnology platform are independent of each other, which allows for widespread diversification!

"NS Marketing"

What is "NS Marketing"?

This is a funded affiliate system that allows for minimal investments and activities gain access to all products on the NS platform Technology. How to access products? In order to participate in the funded system, you need to purchase one or more business packages. There are two types of wallets in the system: “For withdrawal” and “For purchase”. All affiliate rewards are distributed among these wallets in proportion 50% and 40%, 10% is the commission of the platform. Also when you build a minimum team, this system allows you to access all platform products.

"NS Robot" for trading in the Forex market

What is a Forex Robot?

A forex robot is a computer program based on a variety of trading algorithms that help you determine whether to buy or sell a particular currency pair at any given time. The robot works 24/5! Robot trades by itself, opens and closes orders. "NS Robot" connects to the trading terminal on your computer and starts trading for you, according to the strategies predefined in it. "NS Robot" is a multi-currency advisor robot that trades 8 currencies. For each of 8 pairs of currencies, the robot has been developed by unique strategy. The profitability of NS Robot is 10% - 20%.

Conservative account in a European company

What is a conservative account?

An account in which your money operates at a rate of 20-30% for year, an account is opened with a trusted company that has been operating steadily for 6 years! The company is an institutional investor and places investor capital in more than 50 directions! The goal is to generate capital for saving funds and making large purchases, it also has a lot of bonuses and options. "FIRST" is a financial product of the company "ABA Marketing group Inc.", allowing invest in conservative instruments with good returns and moderate risks.

Crypto Index

What is a Crypto Index?

Crypto Index is an automatic crypto index on the Ethereum smart contract. Crypto Index - a simple and reliable trading platform for index investment in TOP 8 digital assets, and the yield on Crypto Index for the 2nd quarter of 2019 amounted to 194%! This one consists of the 8 most capitalized crypto assets. All operations occur automatically using a smart contract The index is automatically rebalanced monthly. Can be bought and sold by the user at any time. The index has a certain calculation formula, according to which each asset is assigned a certain weight in the index basket.

Real estate investment

What is a Real Estate investment?

Real estate has always been a subject of value. The fact, that just 60 years ago, the world's population was 3 billion person. Now we live almost 8. Thus, skyscrapers began to be built in megacities. More people claimed a place in a skyscraper, so the more you can request, because the competition is great. We invite all Ns.Technology partners to join the pool of one of the available objects on the platform starting with a minimum investment of $ 2000 and make a profit either from the sale of an object or to make a profit from its rental!

"NS Index"

What is an investment in the NS Index?

This is an index that unites all products of the platform. Profitability up to 10% for a month!
Suitable for those who wants to receive passive income and / or do not want to understand and use the company's products on their own.
All the money that investors invest in the Ns index is not distributed according to the affiliate program, its key feature is the diversification of cash flows using platform products with different returns. The distribution is uneven: the higher the profitability, the higher the risk - the lower the share of companies investments in this product, and vice versa.

Get your chance for a wealthy life right now!